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What Does Our Name Mean?

Let It Grow Co. Mental Health Advocacy

In life, we often hear people say, “just let it go,” when referring to mental illness or past traumas, etc. We have learned that instead of "let it go" you can say “let it grow” as in… let the experience grow you and shape you. When we get overwhelmed we have to “let it grow” because we can use the experience to shape our future actions and ultimately to determine the outcome of the situation. Letting it “go” just promotes toxic positivity instead of teaching you to use the bad experiences for growth and opportunity.

What Does Our Slogan Mean?

"Grow Through What You Go Through"

Our slogan is similar to our logo and name. It is so important to grow through good and bad events in your life. It is really easy to let the bad events take over and win but there is power in using the bad events to grow you. There is strength and healing in growing through what you are going through.

Our Team

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